The goods nomenclature code must be valid at the reference date. The destination/origin (geographical area) must be valid at the reference date. The characters sequence trimmed from heading and trailing blank characters of a full text search must not be empty.


How to Identify Your Product's Foreign HS Code. To determine what the HS Code for your product is in another country, you can use a look-up tool in a foreign tariff  

The Norwegian Customs Tariff Here you will find information about The Norwegian Customs Tariff and historical versions of the customs tariff. You may ask for a binding tariff information If you are uncertain Commodity code. Customs needs to know the commodity code for the import goods in order to calculate the correct amount of duties and taxes. The Import Declaration Service contains the most commonly declared goods (excel). If your goods can be found in the service, you do not have to look elsewhere for the commodity code.

Taric customs code

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The Taric Support application provides you with all the information you need. Classifying goods in the Customs Tariff means that goods are classified under the specific subheading of the Combined Nomenclature or under the TARIC code according to the applicable provisions. TARIC is the integrated Tariff of the EU and a database which integrates all measures relating to the EU customs tariff, commercial and agricultural legislation. Code number - Electronic customs tariff/national use. For some goods that fall under specific legislation in terms of market organisation and excise duties, the 11 digit code numbers can be "extended" with a 4 digit code in either case so that the goods can be more precisely identified.

Swedish customs homepage Taric query system has changed name to Tulltaxan and moved to a new URL address: For customs clearance, a commodity code must be declared for all goods to be imported or exported. It is important to use the correct commodity code; the code determines the amount of customs duty to be levied for the goods as well as the restrictions and the import prohibitions, among others.

Varukoden går eventuellt att hitta på fakturan, kan vara = "HS", "hs-number", "Customs-code", "", "Commodity code", "Tariff code", "Taric-code", "Tariff No".

We're probably the only trade tariff information platform with an  the TARIC additional code under which the goods on the invoice may be customs-cleared at Community borders (as specified in the Regulation),. 81 i tullkodexen, Authorization to apply Customs Code article 81, 1.

Taric customs code

English. The TARIC additional code under which the goods on the invoice are to be customs cleared at the European Union frontier. Last Update: 2014-11-21

Taric customs code

Worldwide it is a six-digit code framework for grouping and categories different merchandise and goods being exported.

The contents of Taric are often changed, so in order to be able to give the correct information to the Customs authorities when importing or exporting, it is vital to have access to the latest version of Taric. TARIC contains, among others: goods nomenclature codes, customs rates given as a percentage or an amount for a specific unit (referring to a given country or a group of countries from which the goods arrive), legal basis with comments, data for import and export supervision, validity period of the customs rate. Taric Code. HTS-CODE TARIC-CODE. TARIC CODE | Integrated Tariff of the European Communities Simple Tool for searching Taric Code of and Taxation the European Union. Current Tariff and Regulations for Import and Export 6204420090 - Other Combined Nomenclature and Commodity Code Every product has a specific code.
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This means that the first six digits in a commodity code on a foreign invoice in principle should be identical to the first six digits of the Norwegian Customs Tariff. The first four digits is called a heading number.
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För att ange taricnummer navigerar ni till produkten i fråga och anger taricnumret i rutan Unifaun Customs Code och sparar produkten 

TARIC Consultation Last TARIC update: 09-04-2021 Download latest daily update: 09-04-2021 To help you check whether the customs codes used by your company in 2019 or 2020 have changed in 2021, the European Commission has the TARIC (European Union Integrated Tariff) correlation table. > Download the 2021 TARIC correlation table (in excel format) .

Integrated Community Customs Tariff (TARIC) As already explained, a code number to be registered consists of up to eleven digits. Nine and ten of the customs tariff numbers are assigned according to the “Integrated Tariff of the European Union” (TARIC).

In a majority of cases this will be the only duty payable to Customs, or on some commodities you wont see this at all, as there's no duty payable. The Customs Tariff consists of 97 chapters and starts with live animals in chapter 1 and ends up with antiques in chapter 97. You will find commodity codes in the Customs Tariff for all goods. It is only availible on our website and you will find information on both customs duty and excise fees (if any) to each commodity code.

July 2018 . MR-130 . Summary The Community Customs Code Member States of the European Union operate one common customs union with a common tariff system for third country operators. Trade between member states is free of tariffs.