Like terms are two things that can added. "Like Terms" means that you can add or subtract two terms. For instance, you know that you can add $$ 2 + 3 $$ and get 5. You were able to add these two 'terms' ( the '2' and the '3') because they are both numbers! However, you might also know that you cannot 'combine' 2 and x.


15 Oct 2017 Combining like terms is such an important topic in 7th and 8th grade math. As teachers it often seems so intuitive to us that terms have to be 

But when you also have parentheses to worry about, and possibly the distributive Simplifying Expressions (Distribute & Combine Like Terms) BingoThis is a PowerPoint game that can be used with a Smart Board, or just used through a projector. It is a great way for students to practice simplifying expressions. Students will distribute and combine like terms in order to simplif Algebra 1: UNIT 1 1 Distributive Property and Combining Like Terms Date: _____ Distributive Property KEY VOCABULARY _____ _____ are expressions that will yield the same answer when you plug the same value in for the Algebra: Distribute & Combine Like Terms (Set 3) Download and print this algebra worksheet on distributing and combining like terms. Download Printable PDF. ClayMaze Start studying Distributing and Combining Like Terms. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

Distributing and combining like terms

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Spell. Test. PLAY. Match.

by R G. We will explore how to combine "like" algebraic terms to simplify the expression.

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Distributing and combining like terms

Find distributing and combining like terms lesson plans and teaching resources. Quickly find that inspire student learning.

Distributing and combining like terms

One way we can simplify expressions is to combine like terms. Like terms are terms where the variables match exactly (exponents included)  Name___________________________________. Period____. Date________________. Combining Like Terms.

2) 1 + 5v + v - 6.
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Test. PLAY. Match. 👍 Correct answer to the question Simplify the expressions by distributing and combining like terms: -7+ 0.3 (-4x+20)+ 8.8x - Combining Like Terms and Distribution In an algebraic expression, terms are separated by _____ and _____.
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Combining Like Terms Distributive property Angle relationships - quiz retake. • Students will Distribute and combine like terms and then solve each equation.

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For example: 4y + 7x - 5y + 3x. The 5y carries the negative operator with it. When we combine this, we will end up with -1y + 10x. I like to urge students to underline like terms. If you have two like terms that involve the variable x and y, I would have them underline the x terms once. This would be followed by underlining the y terms twice.

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2. 9 − 5 +2+ . Combine like terms to simplify the expression 3x + 5x + 7x. All these terms have x as the variable, so they are combined into one term, 15x. Example 2. Content Differentiation: Since simplifying expressions in which both combining like terms and distributing are needed eventually, the content in this learning  The (Combining like terms with negative coefficients distribution) exercise falls under the Algebra I Course Mastery section.